Non-Geo Numbers – are they for my business?

Are you in the know?

Have you familiarised yourself with the benefits of using a non-geographic number? If you have then great, if not, rest assured that you aren’t alone. Many businesses, especially smaller ones, are not aware of the advantages that an NGN can bring. Often referred to as, ‘virtual’ numbers, NGNs can be a simple yet extremely useful marketing tool for your company – whether you are a start-up or well-established concern.

Non-geographic numbers – a closer look

The great thing about non-geographic numbers is, as the name suggests, they are not tied to any particular geographic location. That means your company can easily adopt a national presence too, with the quick addition of an 08 or 03 phone number. But that’s not all. Those magic little numbers can be simply pointed towards any existing landline or mobile number – it’s not wizardry, just clever thinking. Looking at this in basic terms, when a customer calls your NGN, their call is redirected, automatically, to a predetermined phone within the UK or even abroad. Ensuring you never miss a call and they always receive the utmost in customer service.

Plentiful Benefits

From providing effective brand enhancement to even generating extra revenue for your business the benefits of having a non-geographic number are extensive.

So, let’s take a look at what you can expect…

Customer base boost

Have you ever considered that by operating a local landline number you could actually be limiting yourself to a smaller target market? In contrast, an NGN circulates the fact that you offer an extensive nationwide service – inviting customers from much further afield to contact you. Why restrict yourself when a wider customer base is within easy reach?

Flexibility & Freedom

Swift call redirection to designated numbers rather than one fixed location means that you can speak to callers – wherever you are. What’s more, with the possibility of pointing calls to as many numbers as you like gives you the flexibility and freedom to always be within reach without being tied to a specific area.

Revenue generator

Fancy receiving a share of the revenue generated by your incoming calls? Of course you do and with non-geographic numbers such as 084, 0871 and 0872s, you can. This rebate is volume-dependent and is an extremely straightforward way to create an additional cash boost.

Trust Building

No matter how small your business may be, using a non-geographic number creates an established, professional appearance in an instant. Remember, free to call 0800 or 0808 prefixes can inspire customer trust and is often the preferred option a customer service or support lines.


Non-geographic numbers tend to be simpler to memorise than standard local or mobile numbers. An example of this is if you make use of the alphanumeric keys, spelling your number out to make a service-related word, eg. 0800 440 TAXI = 0800 440 8294.

Without a doubt, non-geographic numbers can benefit your existing numbers, whether used in place of or alongside local or mobile numbers. The type of non-geo you choose is naturally influenced by your business and its bespoke needs.

For more information about what a non-geographic number can do for your industry please call the Number Supermarket team on 0330 332 0400.