How much does it cost to call an 0872 number on Virgin Media?

Numbers starting with 0872 are used for pan-UK commercial services, such as event booking, horoscope services, adult entertainment services, and similar services.

Most 0872 calls, or numbers starting with prefix 0872, attract premium rates. The rates are a function of access rates and service charge.

The Phone-paid services authority, the regulatory body, has fixed a cap of 13p per minute for 0872 numbers. However, phone companies charge access rates, on top of this rate. The specific access rate varies, depending on the phone company, and the contract. The organisation or the service provider whom the subscriber calls, decides the service charge. This rate is made known upfront, through a message.

Virgin Media is one of the leading providers in the UK. The company offers several plans and bundles, with very attractive call rates. Numbers starting with 0872, however, are charged service charge plus access charge, on almost all plans.