How much does it cost to call an 0872 number on Sky Talk?

Numbers starting with 0872 are commercial numbers. These numbers are not tied to any specific location. Considering the pan-UK range of these numbers, it is commonly used by event booking operators, dating providers, entertainment service providers, horoscope and tarot service providers, and a host of similar services. The commercial nature of calls on 0871 numbers means the charges are at the higher end.

Phone-paid Services Authority, the phone tariff regular, has fixed a charge of 13p per minute, for calls to 0872 numbers. The phone company can charge extra service charge over and above this amount.

SkyTalk charges 11.5p per minute access charge for 0872 numbers, for all its plans. This is in addition to the service charge. The service charge is determined by the recipient of the call, or the organisation to whom the call is made.