How much does it cost to call an 0870 number from mobile?

Any 0870 numbers purchased are business rate numbers. The cost of calling an 0870 number from your mobile will depend on the phone network you are with. These calls are not normally included in monthly call allowances or pay-as-you-go bundles.

There are two parts to an 0870 call charge:

1. The access charge – This is paid to your mobile network provider.
2. The service charge – This is paid to the company or organisation you are calling.

Companies that use 0870 numbers must clearly state what the service charge cost are when advertising these numbers. The service charge can be up to 13p per minute.

The access charge, which you pay to your mobile provider, can vary from as little as 8p per minute to as much as 55p per minute, and most companies have a minimum call charge of 1 minute.

0870 numbers are regulated by the Phone-paid Services Authority.