How much does it cost to call an 0870 number on iD Mobile?

0870 numbers are of the telephone type and are charged at a higher rather than usual because of a service charge (commonly known as a surcharge) to make up the amount for the service in use. Services which use the 0870 number:

– Assistance Lines

– Booking companies for ticket, holiday, hotel etc. services

– Conference/meeting calls

– Psychics, future telling and astrology

– Love, romance and adult chat services

Recently, the use of 0870 numbers have dropped for sale/customer services. The plan to call a certain company should be followed up with a visit to their website to make sure the 0870 number is up to date and active, otherwise a much higher rate may be charged.

As for the actual cost, complete 0870 costs will usually range from eight to sixty-eight pounds per minute, plus the added cost of 13 pounds for per-call. iD mobile charge a 45 pound access charge for 0870 calls.