How much does it cost to call an 0845 number on Virgin Mobile?

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Call charges depend on some factors such as the time of day, individual calling plan and the first digits of the number being called. The chances are that you’ve made a call to a service number. These are usually owned by banks, directory inquiries, voting in TV shows or chargeable support lines – if you or your business would like to join the list of organisations that use this number range, you can buy 0845 numbers on our site. Service numbers are charged at a higher rate than standard calls to landlines and mobiles because they are used by organisations to generate more income or to offset the costs of technical support. However, before 2015, it was hard to tell how call costs to service numbers were being charged, until Of com stepped in and changed the process to more transparent.

Call costs to 0845 numbers on Virgin Mobile

Calls to 0845 are charged into two parts. The first part is the access fee, charged by Virgin Mobile for connecting the call while the service charge is set by the organisation that you’re trying to call. The access fee depends on the Virgin tariff, and you’ll be advised of the cost per minute before making the call.

The access charge for Virgin for a 0845 number on Virgin Mobile PAYG is 36p per minute and 45p per minute on the Virgin Mobile Pay Monthly. The service charge ranges between 0p and 13p per minute.

0845 calls make up business numbers in the UK phone directory. You probably need to call such service numbers on instances of contacting government departments, banks, directories and phone voting on television or radio competitions/shows. The cost of calling these phone numbers depends on your mobile (or landline) phone provider. Nobody likes these hidden or unknown fees when making a call, so here are the conditions for making such a call to an 0845 number if you have a Virgin Mobile contract or phone.

Pay Monthly & SIM Only Users

If you have a pay monthly or SIM only package, the costs for calling an 0845 number differ per the company you are calling. Calls to service numbers following 084 are formed through a combined access and service charge: Virgin sets an access charge and the company you’re phoning sets a separate service charge. Virgin access charges for all of these numbers is currently 50p per minute. The service charge is advertised by the company you are calling, but averages run up between 3-8p per minute. If any of these numbers are included in your Virgin bundle then you will not be charged either the access or service charge.

Pay As You Go

If your Virgin service is a pay as you go one, charged for calling 0845 numbers are similarly divided by Virgin’s access charge and an additional service charge by the business address. The current access charge from Virgin is 36p per minute. As with Virgin’s monthly fees, this excludes the average 3-8p per minute from the company you are calling.

Do The Math

Given that rates are between 50p per minute and 36p per minute depending on your Virgin mobile choice (contract vs pay as you go), not all Virgin customers pay the same rate. You must remember to take into account the additional charge described by the service you are ringing. As an example, if you have a Virgin monthly contract customer and must call an 0845 number that states a charge of 7p per minute, your final bill will be 57p per minute (50p access + 7p service)