0370 area code – all you need to know

Large businesses’ phone numbers often start with 0370. However, this code is not associated with and does not represent any particular region. As a matter of fact, phone numbers which start with these four digits are what we call non-geographic telephone numbers. But what are the differences, if any, between these type of numbers and regular ones?

Is 0370 an area code?

No, 0370 is not an area code. It a non-geographic number, which isn’t linked to any one area. It is a number range. Before trying to learn the different aspects of 0370 numbers, one needs to understand what non-geographic telephone numbers are. The latter are phone numbers which are not assigned on a geographical basis, unlike regular landline numbers. They are normally used because they offer several advantages to users that would have otherwise been impossible with their counterparts. For example, there are no additional costs to call these numbers.

Characteristics of 0370 numbers

These telephone numbers are generally used by government bodies and businesses, to name but a few – and many different British companies are now buying 0370 numbers. Such institutions normally use numbers that start with 0370 because the cost of calling these is the same as the cost of making a local call to a normal geographic number. This is often subject to some misunderstanding as people tend to think that it is free to call these non-geographic telephone numbers; it is not. They are different from numbers that begin with 0800, which are intended to be free. This popular belief comes from the fact that they are included in call packages, whether one is calling from a mobile phone or a landline telephone.