How much does it cost to call an 0845 number on iD Mobile?

Numbers beginning 0845 are known as non-geographic numbers are are bought by many different types of UK company, meaning that they can be called, but calls cannot be made from them. These numbers are generally used by large organisations, especially businesses. They are particularly useful as nation-wide, or world-wide, contact numbers, since the 0845 code, unlike ordinary landline numbers, cannot be traced to a specific location.

0845 numbers are also useful since they can be permanent – even if a company relocates, their number can remain the same, which is beneficial to clients. These numbers also help companies to fund their call centres, or other similar facilities.

What does it cost to call an 0845 Number?

0845 numbers are also known as ‘service numbers’. This means that calling them, whether from a landline or mobile, will cost more than calls to UK landlines. This is because of the ‘service costs’ which keeping these lines open incur. For example, the price of making phone calls to 0845 numbers often goes towards covering the expense of running a call centre.

Organisations themselves decide how much customers should pay for contacting them on an 0845 line, and prices can be up to 7p per minute, plus whatever your landline or mobile provider would charge. The latter is known as the ‘access charge’, whilst the former is the ‘service charge’.

For iD mobile customers, the access charge for calling 0845, and other non-geographic numbers, is 45p. The service charge is set individually by the company you are contacting. They will make you aware of the price per minute at the beginning of the phone call.