0300 area code – all you need to know

There are several types of landline rate phone numbers that serve different purposes. Of this group, the 0300 number is a special type that caters to the general population. Government bodies, charities, non-profit organisations and all other groups that utilise these numbers are related to the public sector of society.

Dissimilar to other landline counterparts in some regards, whilst similar in other regards, the 0300 number is not linked to specified geographic locations but charges the same as any other landline number within the UK from a business landline or a regular home.

Is 0300 regarded as an area code?

In short: no. 0300 numbers are non-geographic numbers, and do not represent any one area in the UK. Call costs of the 0300 number in comparison to any landline numbers having ‘01’ or ‘02’ charge the caller the same call rate. An added benefit for ease of use is that phone tariffs can offer the same services to these land line numbers.

A guideline to call expense is one rule that states 01 and 02 numbers are priced at the same rate as 03 numbers. Yet 03 numbers are to never exceed the calling cost go above what would be charged on the aforementioned numbers, at the national rate

No extra charges are incurred on the caller and though this is beneficial, free calls that apply for 0800 and 0808 numbers are not offered.

A tip to use for caller convenience is, to understand the phone tariff offers of some service providers allowing free calls at certain times of day, bundled minutes covering land line calls or a tariff containing inclusive calls are all included in these offers under similar circumstance.