0800 area code – all you need to know

For numbers starting with 0800 – they are regarded as freephone numbers. It costs nothing to call this numbers from the UK landlines. It is also the case for mobile phones.This free numbers is effective for the callers and makes it easy to call. Any person can call the organisations with out encountering any extra charges.

The 0800 numbers are commonly used in this situations – buy are not regarded as area codes

  • They are effective for the charity and the government helping. This is to help people in need call with out having to pay because they could probably not have the money. This number is very common for such organizations and situation.
  • It is also effective for the access to prepaid calling cards
  • This number is very profitable for sales and customer services line. If they are cost free the customers will be motivated to call and this will lead to better services offer.

0800 is not regarded as an area code – this is because it is a non-geographic number, not linked any locale. This why UK business purchase 0800 numbers for use as customer service helplines and more. There is also the advantage that they are free to call for consumers. Previously it is was not free to make the calls but that changed in 2015.

Before then the numbers were charged if a mobile network is used. After 2015 the number 0800 is free for mobile callers to call. if an organization is open to receiving calls from pay phones they may be charged.That is why some companies choose to block out this option.

It is the same for numbers that start with 080. They are free and have the same technical features. This includes numbers such as 08081, 08008, 08000 and so on. This is the case and is not affected by the following digits. It is a very profitable number to go for.