How much does it cost to call an 0844 number on Three Mobile?

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Three Mobile are known as the network that put their customers first and over the years they have developed into a strong and popular mobile network company. They are the inclusive network that ensures customers receive the most from their favourite provider.

The majority of contract and sim-only deals with Three include a range of minutes, but calls made to 0844 numbers for SMEs receive an extra charge and are charged per minute. Whether you are on a contract, sim-only or Pay-As-You-Go calls made to 0844 are charged a minimum of 45 pence per minute, plus an additional charge that is set by the company you are calling. Essentially when calling a 0844 number you are charged a standard access fee of 45 pence per minute and then a one off service charge by the company you are aiming to contact; the overall price is made evident at the end of your call.