Here’s why you should use an 03 number for your business

In recent years an ever increasing number of businesses and organizations across the United Kingdom have opted for 03 phone numbers. 0300 numbers are only meant for use by charities and public bodies however other ranges such as 0330 are available to most businesses. These numbers offer a wide range of benefits in a similar vein to other non-geographic telephone numbers (for example 0800 numbers). The interest in 03 numbers is understandable as these numbers provide a host of benefits. Here are just a few of these advantages.

  • The cost of calls does not change, whether from a normal landline number (i.e. 01/02 numbers) or a mobile phone the price remains the same.
  • Network operators include these numbers in there free minute allocations
  • All landlines and mobile number are compatible with these numbers and can be changed easily at any time.
  • 03 numbers come with a wide range of useful call management features such as time of day routing, call forwarding, voice 2 mail call forwarding and more. All of these can truly help a business become more efficient and help increase customer satisfaction rates
  • With 03 numbers online call statistics become available. This enables users to know how many calls they have received how many they have missed and what their busiest periods of the day were.
  • 03 numbers are perfect for disaster recovery. For example, if your landline is defunct or there is an emergency office evacuation these numbers allow you to instantaneously route calls to an alternative number
  • 03 Numbers allow customers to be queued with convenience and this helps ensure that all calls are answered
  • These numbers are inexpensive and service providers tend to offer a variety of plans and packages which include a specific number of free calls. You can avail of these services on other non-geographic numbers such as 0870 numbers, 0845 numbers and 0844 numbers
  • 03 numbers also allow callers to listen to audio messages when they phone the number. In this recorded message a business can mention the name of there company (i.e. Thank you for calling X). This ensures that callers understand that they have dialed the correct number.
  • 03 Numbers also allow you to program where you want to receive your calls. This is particularly useful for receiving calls after hours or during a crisis.
  • 03 Numbers are static and will never change. You are perfectly at liberty to carry it with you even if you relocate.
  • 03 numbers are nongeographic and as thus you can receive requires from outside your local area.

There are a wide variety of memorable 03 numbers available as this number range is relatively new. However, buying 0333 numbers will soon become more popular as many businesses across the UK as they are generally viewed as a very cost effective solution for calls from mobiles. Many major organisations such as the BBC and Essex Police Department already utilise these numbers.