How much does it cost to call an 0330 number on Sky Talk?

Buy 0330 Numbers

0330 numbers are bought by various business and different organisations across the UK. It is a special type of landline number as unlike the typical 01 and 02 landline number 03 numbers have no geographical location associated with them and so calls from an 0330 number can come from anywhere inside the UK.

Charges to 0330 numbers are charged the same as an 01 or 02 landline number, which is your standard per minute access charge from your network operator which will vary depending on the deal and operator you have. If you have a monthly allowance of minutes then the duration of your call to the 0330 number will simply be deducted from this monthly allowance and won’t cost you anything at all.

How much will I pay to call 0330 numbers on Sky Talk?

SkyTalk is purely a landline service and has different rates depending on the type of subscription you have; some calls may cost nothing depending on the time of day, the number which you are calling and whether or not it is a weekend. The standard access charge is 11.5 pence per minute, with a minimum charge of 11.5 pence. If you have the standard ‘Pay as you talk’ package then this will be the charge for calling an 0330 number. If you have ‘Evenings and Weekend extra’ package then calls to an 0330 will cost you nothing if you call on a weekend or after 7pm, otherwise you will be charged 11.5 pence per minute. The final two packages ‘Anytime extra’ and ‘International extra’ include calls to 0330 numbers and so will cost you nothing extra to call an 0330 no matter the time of day or day of the week.