How much do 0872 numbers cost to call?

Introduced in May 2007, 0872 numbers are basically telephone numbers that are charged at higher rates as compared to other numbers due to the inclusion of a surcharge or service charge used to pay for the service being offered. Some of the common uses for the 0872 numbers include chargeable information and line, booking travel and events services, they are used for conference call services, pre-sales information lines. Horoscopes, tarot and fortune-telling services and dating, chat, and adult entertainment services. Unlike other traditional landline phone numbers, 0872 numbers are not connected to any specific geographic location.

There is a special two-part charging that is applicable when you call 0872 numbers. The first part of the call cost being your own mobile phone company’s standard per-minute which is the access charge that applies to all calls to numbers starting with 118, 09, 087 or 084. The second part is known as the variable service charge which mostly benefits the company you are calling. The organization that you are calling is responsible for advising you the charges that apply before you call.

Phoning 0872 numbers from abroad

The total call costs of 0872 numbers will typically range from 8p to 68p per minute, and an addition of up to 13p per call charge.

Ensure you double check the call cost with your company as most of them have a minimum charge of one minute. In most cases, 0872 numbers will cost you more to call than normal landline numbers and there will be no inclusion in any free call allowances or any bundle minutes that your tariff offers.
Also, it’s important to note that all numbers starting with 087 are charged in the same way and have the same technical features.