What is an 0871 number?

When making calls to 0871 numbers, people often question whether it is an unscrupulous endeavour or a decent appeal. What are the costs of making a call to business 0871 numbers? What are costs for 0871 to be accrued? Are there any charges for connection? This and more is what lingers in most people’s minds. Regardless, you will always pay a premium charge for making calls to these numbers; be it from a mobile phone or a landline. This number is one of the most costly phone number prefixes, and one can accrue up to 41p per minute to call 0871 numbers. 0871 numbers, however, are usually charged at expensive rates; this is especially due to the inclusion of a ‘service charge’ to pay for the services delivered.

0871 Number Uses

0871 numbers are commonly used for the following purposes: Conference call services, travel and event ticket booking services, dating and chatting, horoscopes and fortune telling and support lines and chargeable information services. However, 0871 numbers are non-geographic- that is to say, they are not associated with a precise geographic location, unlike old landline telephone numbers.

0871 numbers, however, are very common. A large number of firms especially in the category of banking sectors, travel firms, building sectors, as well as electricity, gas and utility organizations, use these numbers a lot. These companies use 0871 numbers for different purposes in various departments such as key client service and support and even, in other instances, in the complaints departments.

What are the benefits of using 0871 Numbers?

0871 numbers, however, come with several benefits to their users. These include;
Generation of rebates. These numbers generate rebates on each call received, amounting up to 8p per minute. Therefore, a premium rebate is given for any premium services that are provided. Rebates are paid monthly directly to one’s bank account.

Generating more calls. 0871 numbers are not associated with any precise geographic locality, hence making it easy for individuals and companies to attract new business from outside of one’s locality and primarily all over the UK. This, in turn, leads to a broader market; hence more profits will be gained.#

Generation of more revenue for businesses. 0871 phone number users pay national rates which help in turn create a source of wealth for most businesses.

What are the 0871 number call costs?

Calling a 0871 number has three main cost components. These include;
The ‘Service charge’ or ‘premium’. Most important to note is that every caller pays the same amount of the ‘Service charge’, regardless of whether you call from a mobile phone or a landline.

The ‘Access charge’. Callers from landlines, except for those using BT landlines, pay around 2p per minute to 10p per minute ‘Access charge’. However, this varies depending on which mobile operators whom you pay your phone bills, for example, Virgin is around 4p per minute. Callers utilising mobile phones usually pay around 10p per minute to 30p per minute ‘Access charge’, and it also varies depending on the mobile operator collecting your phone bills.

It’s however important to note that, calling a 0871 number from a mobile phone will cost higher than from a landline. The smart caller has enabled people to find freephones or geographic substitutes which means diminished costs for making calls.