iPhone & Android App

Ironically, before explaining what the iPhone App does it would probably be easier to list what it doesn’t. However, in a nutshell, the iPhone App is your ultimate in telecoms control, providing comprehensive management of your phone system on-the-go. Just imagine having your office’s telephone network in the palm of your hand. Consider having the ability to implement, ‘disaster recovery’ solutions with the click of a button. With the iPhone App, you can achieve that and so much more.

Better still, it is free of charge for our Standard, Advanced and Professional package holders.

For your convenience, we have listed just some of the facilities you can expect from the App:

  • Efficient one-click activation of ‘disaster recovery’ – providing a reassuring contingency whether you are in or out of the office
  • Convenient online management allows easy call routing configuration and swift changes to settings & numbers
  • Destination numbers, hunt groups and time settings can be effortlessly amended
  • Easy access to voicemail, recorded calls and emails – wherever your base is
  • Operational information is available, pinpointing the busiest times of day, missed calls and how many callers are awaiting assistance
  • Convenient account management makes light work of previously time-consuming tasks


Along with being an invaluable daily management tool, the iPhone App is a cost-effective way to conserve your marketing budget. It has a multitude of features in place, giving you a fuller picture of customer trends, caller patterns and service requirements.

For instance, call activity can be summarised in near real time – enabling you to ascertain where your customers are calling from, when and in what volume. Such specific information is undoubtedly beneficial when orchestrating future marketing campaigns.

The introduction of the iPhone App onto Android means everyone can easily access the business benefits it has to offer.

Like more info? Simply call our Advice Centre team freephone on 0330 3320 400 for further details.