How much does it cost to call an 0844 number on Virgin Mobile?

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If you want to call a 0844 number on Virgin, you’ll want to know how much it will cost. The answer to this will depend on which number you are calling, but it will be at least 45p per minute.

Calls to 0844 numbers on Virgin are charged in two separate components. The first component is the access charge. The access charge is a fee set by Virgin itself, which does not change. The second component is the service charge. This is set by the company you are calling and will be clearly advertised by them. You must add the two components together to find out your final charge per minute.

Call costs to Virgin Mobile to 0844 numbers

The access charge for calls to a 0844 number on Virgin is 45p per minute. Calls to 0844 numbers are billed per second and rounded to the nearest penny.

So, for example, if you were to call a business 0844 numbers purchased by any SME, it would come with a service charge of 20p per minute, you would add this to the access charge billed by Virgin to find out your total cost: in this example, 65p per minute.

Charges for calling service numbers such as 0844 were split in two in June 2015, as part of changes brought in by OFCOM.

Calling an 0844 number on Virgin Mobile will incur different costs depending on the tariff you have and the exact number called.

If you have the Talk More International Anytime tariff then calling 0844 numbers is free.

If you have either of the following tariffs, then calling 0844 numbers is free at weekends, but you will be charged for calling in the daytime and evening:
Talk More Weekends
Talk More Evenings and Weekends

These free calls have no connection fee, and are free for the first 60 minutes. Calls lasting longer than 60 minutes will start to incur charges, so you must redial before 60 minutes. They are also subject to a Fair Usage Policy, so you can make a maximum of 150 calls, or 1000 minutes per month, after which charges will be applied.

For all other tariffs you will be charged for calls to 0844 numbers at all times.
Charges include the standard access charge and service charge.
Charges apply for every minute you are connected, rounded up to the next minute.

0844 charges vary in pence per minute (ppm) from 1ppm to 7ppm depending on the actual number.
For example, calls to 0844292 are 3ppm, while a call to 0844488 is 7ppm.
Sometimes numbers also incur service charges after 60 seconds, these are set by the provider, not Virgin Mobile.