Using cloud-based call management to grow your business

Call management is a systemised process which ensures that incoming calls adhere to certain rules with regard to agent handling and routing. The size and scope of a particular business determines the nature and scope of call management systems. Some of the features of call management systems include telephone preference service screening and routing calls to another country or continent. For example, there are many companies in the UK that have outsourced their call functions to Asian countries such as India and Philippines. Integrating call management in a cloud-based environment significantly improves communication between the business and its customers. It also helps to build an efficient system that ensures that every call made by a customer is answered by the right person and at the right time.

Businesses using cloud-based telephone solution are more accessible to customers and are also more responsive to their queries. This is because a cloud-based telephone provides your business with a single virtual business telephone system that effectively covers both your mobile and fixed lines as well as all your offices. Additionally, it gives you full control of how every call made to your business is dealt with.

Here is a look at some of the other benefits that are enjoyed by businesses that use call management facilities.

Routing calls to relevant departments

Call management facilities allow businesses to route calls to the intended departments and also link the call numbers to contact records. This is highly convenient and saves time both for the caller and the business.

Formation of hunt groups

Hunt group teams are an important component of any business. Hunt group facilities ensure that incoming customer calls to the marketing team are diverted to the first free number in the group. This enables customer calls to be handled very efficiently as no customer call is put on hold for long a long period.

Call forwarding

Call forwarding allows you to attend to business from any place. It is this feature that also allows calls to be routed to an answering service or offshore to countries such as India. Routing your calls to such countries is not only cheap but also allows your customer issues to be handled even when they call at night.

Dealing with emergencies

Sometimes you may witness disruption in service at one of your offices. If such disruption occurs you only need to perform a simple configuration and all incoming calls will be routed to another office thus ensuring that communications are not interrupted with.

Easing of customer interactions

Call management software has a feature called customer relationship management (CRM). This feature manages all aspects of customer interaction. It is particularly helpful for call centres which deal with hundreds of customer calls on a daily basis.

Saves money

Cloud computing model for call management allows your business to enjoy flexible billing and cost-effective methods of call management. This saves the business money and thus increases its bottom line. This is especially true if you plan on purchasing an 0330 number or other non-geographic number for use as your main business helpline number.

Thanks to globalisation and other factors today’s business world has become very competitive. A UK-based company has to contend with competition not just from other UK companies but also from businesses outside the UK such as German, French, Chinese, Japanese, Korean and American businesses. In such a highly competitive business environment no business can afford to carelessly handle inbound calls. Cloud-based call management is the ideal solution if you need to receive calls at specific locations, whether you simply need your customers to never hear a busy tome or are out of office.

There are many providers in UK that can help you effectively manage your marketing campaigns and inbound calls. As shown above, there are many advantages of using a cloud-based call management model. If you opt for such a model you will need to have adequate bandwidth. You will also need a cloud-based management expert to assist you in making the most out of a cloud-based environment. When choosing such an expert or cloud-based call management provider it is important that you be very cautious lest you be locked into the vendor’s platform.