How much does it cost to call an 0330 number on Three Mobile?

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Three Mobile prides itself on being the all-inclusive network, providing customers with the best possible mobile network deals for their needs. Most notably known for having contract deals that include unlimited data, minutes and texts, Three are a network that have changed the game for mobile network providers.

When calling a 0330 number on Three Mobile, it is included in the inclusive minutes provided on your contract or sim-only deal. However, if you’re a customer who is on Pay-As-You-Go with Three Mobile, calls to 0330 are charged at three pence per minute, still being one of the lowest call charges from any mobile network. If your Three Mobile contract doesn’t have unlimited minutes, once you reach your call limit calls will be charged at a standard rate of three pence per minute. This competitive price puts Three Mobile at the forefront of mobile network companies; with call charges being some of the lowest around, it pays to be with one of the best UK mobile networks