What type of companies & organisations use 0370 numbers?

The use of 0370 numbers is becoming increasing popular in the United Kingdom. The 0370 number is a non-geographical phone number. The 0370 number is usually assigned to large corporations and organisations. The purpose of the number is to enable large companies reduce customers call charges. Buying an 0370 number allows companies and organisations bear a certain percentage of the total cost of the call, ensuring that callers only pay the same rate as a usual landline telephone number. The following are the types of organisations that use the 0370 phone number in the United Kingdom.

Types of companies on 0370 numbers

Banks using 0370 numbers

Banks are some of the organisations that use the 0370 number. The UK banking sector is the largest in Europe and the 4th largest in the world. Approximately, the United Kingdom has 9000 bank branches. Each bank has millions and thousands of customers. The 0370 phone number is usually used by banks to reduce the cost of call between the banks and their customers in order to encourage better communication between banks and customers. It is legally acceptable for banks to use the 0370 number.

Hospitals using 0370 numbers

Hospitals are among the list of organisations that use the 0370 phone number. There are thousands of hospitals in the United Kingdom and several of them use the 0370 phone number for communicating with their patients.

Charitable organisations using 0370 numbers

There are several charitable organisations in the United Kingdom. These includes Royal Commonwealth Society For The Blind, The Royal National Lifeboat Institution, The British Red Cross Society, The National Society For The Prevention Of Cruelty To Children, Royal Society For The Protection Of Birds among others. These charities relate with the public for a variety of reasons. As a result of the consistent communication between charities and members of the public, several of them use 0370 phone numbers in order to encourage such communications. Legally, it is acceptable for a charitable organisation to use a 0370 number. It is however expected that several charitable organisations will switch to toll free numbers in the near future in order to facilitate more communications with the public. Charities are supposed to use the 0300 number, though – this range is kept exclusively for them.

Government departments using 0370 numbers

Government Departments also use the 0370 phone number. One of such is the Department of Education. The Department of Education is responsible for children’s services and education. The Department of Education promotes equal opportunity for all children no matter their background and family circumstances. It is a common norm for Government Departments in the United Kingdom to use 0370 numbers.

The meteorological office using 0370 numbers

The Meteorological Office is the national weather service of the United Kingdom. The main role of the met office is to provide weather forecast to the public by gathering information from weather satellites in space. The Meteorological Office also supplies weather data to broadcasting companies like BBC and ITV. The Meteorological office is one of the organisations in the United Kingdom that use an 0370 phone number.

Airlines using 0370 numbers

Airlines in the United Kingdom also use the 0370 phone number. One of such Airlines is the Austrian Airlines. Austrian Airlines customer support department uses an 0370 phone number to communicate with their numerous passengers. It is legally acceptable for Airlines to use the 0370 phone number. There is however a tendency that airlines may all use a toll free phone number like the 0800 in the near future.

Automobile companies using 0370 numbers

Automobile Companies in the United Kingdom also use the 0370 phone number. One of such is AA. AA is an automobile company that serves millions of people in the United Kingdom. Their services includes car insurance, mileage calculator, route planner, breakdown cover, driving lessons among others. AA uses 0370 phone numbers to communicate with its customers.

Universities using 0370 numbers

The United Kingdom is a leading provider of tertiary education in the world. There are several top tier universities in the United Kingdom. The 0370 is very popular with United Kingdom’s Universities. One of the Universities that use the 0370 phone number is Leeds University. It is legally acceptable for Universities in the United Kingdom to use the 0370 phone number.


There are certain benefits of using the 0370 phone number. Companies and Organisations that use this phone number stand a better chance of getting more patronage from the public due to cheaper costs of communication. Moreover, due to improved communications with the public, organizations that use the 0370 phone number stand out from the competition and have a better brand image.