What are the rules around call rebates in the UK?

Buy 084 & 087 Numbers

The amount of call rebate you receive depends on the company you chose. It should come as no surprise that the companies offering basic call services charge a smaller rebate, but an advanced service may offer ultimately highly dividends.

First a basic service. Using a 0871 number may earn £3.60 per hour for each call. As with any rebate service you can also get call rebates on 0872, 0843 and 0844 numbers. Since 0843 and 0844 are charged by BT at 5p a minute while 0871 and 0872 numbers are charged at 10p per minute, the ones starting 084 offer better chance of revenue-it works out as 3.75p per minute compared to 1p a minute.

Getting a call rebate number for your business

For a company that uses higher rebates-the one below is described as offering the highest rebates, things are different. 0844 and 0845 has up to 4.5p rebate – but this would be only for the highest of high volume companies, who would be processing millions of calls per month. 0870 and 0871 have higher rates – but this depends on what is arranged with the supplier, and outside factor. If you’re interested in buying an 084 number or an 087 number, our team can advise on potential rebates for your business depending on your industry and call volume.

For each service a monthly report is created to show how much revenue has been created.

Using one of these phone numbers can disguise your true location and offer a free answering service-to your point of view anyway. You can only get rebates on the NGN or Non-Geographical Numbers, those this does include premium numbers.

If you provide an NGN, according to Ofcom’s rules, you must indicate the price of how much the calls cost per minute and the access charge on any of your information material and advertising. This includes billboards, social media, a radio or TV advert, adverts at POS, websites, service directories and so on. For instance if you include a helpline on your product you must include the correct pricing for the phone service.
Whether these instructions are adhered to depend on the Phone-paid Service Authority. They are appointed by Ofcom to look at premium rate phone calls and other calls at the higher rate.
Another company who may get involved is the Advertising Standards Authority and may take action about ads which mislead over the costs of specific phone services. It is the advertiser’s interest to include the right amount of detail in an advert. The Committee of Advertising Practise also review adverts for content.