Can I point a virtual telephone number to a mobile?

Virtual telephone numbers or NGN’s are a great product for any companies that do not want to use a local number. There may be many reasons for this including having offices all over the country or it just being easier for customers to have one main point of contact instead of loads of different numbers for different departments. Now that mobile telephone use is so common – a lot of companies want to know how easy it is to use a virtual telephone number with a mobile.

Can I point a virtual telephone number to a mobile?

The great thing about a virtual telephone number purchased from Number Supermarket is that it can be pointed to any number you want it to. If you are setting up a virtual telephone number and you are not sure you are always going to be able to receive calls on a landline – you can point the virtual telephone number to a mobile phone. This way you can make it look like you have a local office number without having to actually have a landline installed. You can also have 0800 and 0870 numbers pointed to a mobile phone. Another reason you may want to point a virtual telephone number to a mobile phone is if your company has an on call service. This is very easy to facilitate as all virtual telephone numbers work around the clock just like standard ones.

What are the benefits of pointing a virtual telephone number to a mobile?

There are plenty of benefits to pointing a virtual number to a mobile telephone number which include:

– Having an easy to remember number for your customers and your marketing materials
– Only having one number will mean that it will be easier and cheaper to get listed on business directories such as the Yellow Pages and similar
– If you want to use a virtual number that is a local number you can select the local area code of the location of your target audience so they think that your company is just around the corner from them and are more inclined to chose you
– Virtual telephone numbers that point to mobile do not indicate that this has happened on the customers end, so they will not know they have been directed to a mobile number
– Customers are always more inclined to call central numbers or local numbers as they always assume they cost less than mobiles