Inbound phone call rebates – how can I generate rebates on my inbound calls?

Buy 084 & 087 Numbers

We offer rebates on 084 and 087 numbers – purchase a number by clicking above, and a member of our team can advise on exactly how much you can earn per minute. For further information on how rebates generally work, read below.

Numbers starting with 084, 087, and 03 are non-geographic numbers, ideal for customer support, marketing purposes, and for offering any other support or service by telephone.

Business telephones are generally a costly affair. Maintaining telephone lines for customer service, technical support, contests, and other purposes, require a sizable investment in rentals, time, effort, and staff.

Businesses, however, can earn a revenue share on the inbound calls, and reduce their costs considerably, by buying certain numbers starting with 08. In fact, with some numbers, the telephone becomes a revenue source rather than a cost centre.

How much could my business earn with a rebate generating number?

Numbers starting with 0871 and 0872 offer the highest returns for 08 numbers, allowing businesses to not only recoup the full costs of the call centre, but gain extra income. Purchasing 0872 numbers could, for instance, earn the business between 3.5p and 4p per minute, for incoming calls, depending on volume. Assuming the business attracts 50,000 minutes of incoming call minutes a month, the business could earn extra monthly revenue of about £1750 to £2000. Likewise, 100,000 minutes of incoming call time generates for the business an income of £3500 to £4000 per month. Businesses also get a sizable rebate on 0843 and 0844 numbers. Since the returns from 084 series are low compared to 087 series, the cash back is limited to rebate and not profits. However, numbers with 0843 prefix are regulated by Ofcom. As such, these numbers are trusted and recognisable.

Not all providers are equal. Along with genuine operators are several scam artists. Do not blindly go to the cheapest alternative supplier. Make sure to opt for a provider who uses only major robust carrier networks, to ensure top-tier call quality. Look for the functionality on offers, such as speed, online portal support, and more. Also consider factors such as how long the rebate supplier has been in operation, the list of customers serviced by the supplier, and get some references.

All things considered, the cash-back income stream based on call volumes come handy for businesses, in an age where competition is cut-throat, and businesses face pressure on margins. Purchasing a number fromNumber Supermarket not only offers businesses cash back rebates or income, but also unmatched convenience, and a host of value-added features.