How much does it cost to call an 0870 number on EE?

If you buy 0870 numbers, be aware they are ‘service numbers’. They are used by organisations such as banks and utility companies and are the numbers dialled when voting in TV shows.
Dialling an 0870 number from a mobile phone will incur 2 separate charges. One of these is the access charge and this is set by the mobile phone provider. The second charge is the service charge and this is set by the organisation you are dialling.
EE customers have varying access charge depending on the package they are on.
The cheapest rate is for customers on the Broadband and phone package, incurring charges of 11 pence per minute. EE Pay as You Go and small business customers are charged 44 pence per minute. Pay monthly customers and SIM only customers are charged 50 pence per minute. This charge will be added to the service charge to determine the overall cost of the call.