How much does it cost to call an 0845 number on Three Mobile?

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Every day, people call use service numbers to government departments, chargeable helplines, event and ticket bookings, chat shows, and voting on TV shows.In the UK the suffix of the phone number you are calling is the determinant of the cost per minute you will be charged by the providers.Some of the phone numbers are toll-free which include emergency numbers for fire brigades, police, power providers. 0845 is a service number and is charged at a higher rate than usual calls to landlines to generate more money for the organisation and the telephone company and offset the cost of technical support. Calling a 0845 on Three mobile is charged using the two-part fee system.

The access charge of the call charge goes to Three Mobile and is charged as pence per minute according to your package plan. The phone company will advise you of the costs before making it. Three charges an access charge of 45p per minute.

The second charge is the service charge which is set by the company you are calling and usually ranges between 0p and 10p per minute. The access charge and service charges appear separately on your phone bill and may not be listed beside each other.