How much does it cost to call an 0845 number on EE?

Call charges depend on a variety of factors including the first digits of the number, the service provider, time of day, and whether a landline or mobile is used to make the call. 0845 numbers are service numbers and are usually used to generate income for the organization being called and the telephone company used. Typically, any 0845 number purchased are used for service companies such as chargeable information and support lines, banks, government departments and utility companies.

Calls to 0845 numbers are charged at a higher rate compared to regular landlines, due to the two-part fee system. The first charge is the access fee that is charged by EE for accessing their network and is dependent on the call plan you have. This access charge ranges between 11p and 50p per minute. EE Broadband and phone customers pay 11p per minute; EE pays as you go and EE small business customers pay 44p per minute, while EE SIM only mobile clients and EE pay monthly mobile customers to incur an access charge of 50p per minute. Usually, EE will advise on the call rate before you call.

The second charge is the service fee that is charged by the organization being called for the services provided and typically costs between op and 7p per minute.