How much does it cost to call an 0330 number on O2?

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The 0330 number is a fairly new innovation used by larger businesses and government institutions. It is considered the equivalent of a local number call, that used to be charged at a local rate, rather than a free phone number. Nowadays though because you don’t pay for local numbers on various contracts it is harder to tell the difference – which is why many new businesses have been buying 0330 numbers. So no wonder people become confused, especially if they phone a couple of these numbers.

As for O2, well if you have an inclusive account on your mobile phone with that network it is free of charge, which is good to know.

So how much does it cost to call an 0330 number on O2? Well it is free on most packages. It may cost the price of a local call if you have run out of minutes on your phone, or if you use a different network. But generally speaking, it is free.

Number starts with Description Cost from landlines per minute (approximate) Cost from mobiles per minute (approximate)
0330 UK-wide numbers up to 9p 3p to 55p