How much does it cost to call an 0330 number on BT?

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BT Group operates as a holding company that owns the British Telecommunications Plc, a UK-based telecommunications services company that is headquartered in London. The company has operations in about 180 countries and has been in the forefront promoting digital communication and the development of the telecoms industry. The company offers many products and customers often contact them to learn about the offers that are available. Calling their number 0330 would be a great idea, but most people are not sure what they would end up incurring.

According to the information shared by the company, all calls that are made through 0330 are charged the same amount as those made to landline numbers, and will be highlighted as part of discount schemes for calls made on geographic scales. If you have included or bundled minutes, your calls to 0330 will not be charged, otherwise normal calling rates will apply.

So, you need to first confirm that you have the resources required before proceeding to make the call to avoid disappointments that stem from lack of knowledge about the way the calls are charged. You could contact BT through social media for information about how much you will need to call the company through 0330.

Number starts with Description Cost from landlines per minute (approximate) Cost from mobiles per minute (approximate)
0330 UK-wide numbers up to 9p 3p to 55p