How much does it cost to call an 0300 number on iD Mobile?

Telephone numbers that start with 03, such as 0300 are on the increase in the United Kingdom. They offer a better deal to those people who use them. Many large organisations and some public sector organisations such as hospitals are using 0300 numbers. If you are on a pay monthly contract with ID mobile your deal is likely to have a monthly quota of ‘minutes’ included in your deal. These can be used to call 0300 numbers. That means that providing that you have enough minutes left in your quota for the month, then you will not incur any charges for making a call to an 0300 number. Outside of this situation, or if you are on a pay as you go package without a bundle, calling an 0300 number is the same as dialling a UK national rate number beginning with 01 or 02.