How much do 02 numbers cost to call?

Numbers with an 02 prefix, along with 01 numbers, belong to the group of numbers that are arranged geographically. This ensures that the caller can identify the location of the landline that they are calling dependent on the digits following the 02 prefix. For example, the area code 020 identifies that the landline is based in London. The 02 prefix is used by both residential properties and businesses – you can buy 02 numbers here.

The cost of calling an 02 number will vary depending on several factors. These include, though are not limited to; whether the number is dialled from a landline or a mobile phone, the day and time of day that the call is made and the provider of the landline or mobile network.

Cost of calling 02 numbers

When calling from a landline, most providers will include calls to an 02 number free as part of the customer’s call package. There may be some stipulations within this, such as the call is only free in the evening or at the weekend. Calls to 02 numbers from a landline usually cost around 13 pence per minute, though may be as low as 2 pence per minute. There is usually a ‘call connection’ fee. This is a flat rate of around 21 pence. As a guide, customers using a BT landline will pay 13 pence per minute with a 22 pence connection charge for calls to an 02 number from January 2018 onwards. However, these charges will only be incurred if the 02 number is called outside of the customer’s monthly call plan. BT’s various price plans usually allow calls to an 02 number to be free in an evening, at the weekend and when the call is under 60 minutes duration. If you wish to talk for longer than 60 minutes, you can simply hang up after 59 minutes and redial the number, the calls will remain free of charge.

Calls to an 02 number from a mobile phone can be notably more expensive than calling from a landline. Customers can expect to pay anywhere between 3 pence per minute and 55 pence per minute if the call is made outside their monthly allowance. However, nowadays, most mobile phone providers include calls to 02 numbers free as part of the customer’s monthly allowance. Therefore, you will only incur a cost if you exceed your allowance. As stated, each network provider will charge a slightly different amount to call an 02 number so please do check your indvidual plan. In order to provide a platform for comparison, when calling an 02 number outside of your allowance; EE will usually charge 40 pence per minute and Tesco mobile will usually charged 25 pence per minute- both again dependent on the monthly plan you have chosen.