What is a memorable number for a business? What makes a telephone number memorable?

When a crime occurs in your house, a burglary, a fire or an injury, 999 or 112 are the numbers that spring to mind. Businesses need the same effect when looking to be relevant and sought-after in a fast-changing environment. In order to keep contact with regular customers while attracting new customers, businesses have found the use of numbers to be extremely helpful. Customers also find the same sense of astonishment, when they can remember the number of their favourite pizza parlour without needing to look online for it. This effect is a result of money invested wisely by businesses that take the time to find numbers that stick.

Numbers that last in our minds and hearts

The method can be boiled down to a science yet, understanding that people have different means of learning is also important. Some people memorise information through visualisation. Selecting number sequences that form shapes on keyboards, in the mind or both simultaneously, would effectively make remembering a number easier. Other people learn through sound. This is an effective marketing strategy that is still used today. Each number makes a distinct sound when dialling, then the speaker annunciates the number while the sound of each digit repeats in the background, contribute to memorizing these numbers.

So what numbers or sequences actually trigger lasting impressions?

Taking the previous paragraph into considertion, the most important factor for a memorable number is a pattern. This pattern will be illustrated in the following examples of memorable numbers:

• Single repeats- Numbers that repeat excessively: 1111 or 7777
• Repeated pairs- Numbers that are the same digits next to each other ie: 2233 or 7744
• Double repeats- Non-repetitive numbers said twice i.e: 7474 or 0101
• Consecutive numbers- numbers that are ascending or descending consecutively, i.e: 1234 or 7654
• Step up/ step down digits – Numbers that ad or subtract one digit from a consecutive number i.e: 1232 or 7898
• Mirrored digits- numbers that mirror each other i.e: 1001 or 4774
0800 numbers – which can be bought here – are highly memorable to the UK public
• Repeated prefixes- Numbers with the same beginning sequence at the end of new numbers i.e: 144 6144 8144
• Typed patterns- Dialing patterns like the letter ‘X’ or ‘Y’ or ‘Z’ while dialing a number
• Four-corner digits- Numbers that involve pressing the numbers 1,3,9 and 4, effectively touching every corner of a keypad
• Column- 0852 a vertical column on any numerical keyboard.
• Spelling out words- Dialling a number that ends with words that scribe a business, its services and attracts new customers like, 18-FLAT-TIRE lets the customer know the business in operation offers services related to tires.

These methods form patterns that can either singularly or in the best cases, contribute to remembering a number through touch, patterns, sound and visualization

Businesses that are seeking to keep a strong customer relationship will find, having a number that is easily memorable to clients is an extremely worthwhile investment. These examples serve to demonstrate the traits of a number that is memorable. Businesses should make inquiries on what produces the best results from a telecommunications company that knows the demand.