Are all 0800 numbers free to call now?

Calling the 0800 numbers became free in 2015, and it helped a lot of people – and has since an increase in the amount of people looking to buy them. You do not have to be charged when calling the 0800 numbers as it was the case before. Whether it is from your mobile handset, landlines or smartphone. However, Within a short time, some mobile operators started charging them.

All networks were required to follow this new rules by the Uk, communication regulator. Most network providers will inform the client on such changed. The rules apply to all parts of the UK apart from the channel islands and the Isle of a man who have their call structures. You may find that your account is being charged when calling the number which makes it very important to ask the carriers and providers. Some organisations are known for campaigning for the free numbers to be free for the customers as they were not entirely “free.”

Are all 0800 numbers now really free to call? Does that include mobile?

The number 0800 is used by government departments and organisations, as well as many others.. A lot of people have complained of being charged after calling them. That extra charge can be very disappointing for the customer. A lot of people have decided not call a specific number because of the cost. They are not sure how much they will be charged for the call. Knowing how much calling all the numbers cost can be very hard. Customers also wonder where the money is going to do hence not trust the numbers. The money from the charges goes to a variety of people. From the organisation being called to the phone company and also the company that connects the call and does the routing too. There is some organisation that uses this numbers, and it can be very stressful for people wanting to call them.

When calling the number from a business phone, some rules apply. However, phone companies are coming along and reconsidering how much it costs business numbers to call them. `If you are requesting a 0800 number from your business phone it is essential to check with the service provider for the costs. The same case applies to calling from pay phones because they are charged separately as compared to other phones. Some numbers cannot be called from payphones. Most customers don’t know about the free numbers such as 0800. One of this question is where they can read about the prices. The service provider communicates the charges on their sites or through the phone.

Most of this companies have websites where they post any vital information for their customers.It is necessary to know if your phone company included the calls to the 0800 number. It is their responsibility to inform you if you are charged. Any person can decide to have a 0800 number for their business or organisation but most current companies that the use the number are; the business customer care for a sales section, free information platforms, and some charity organisations too. There are a lot of advantages of using the 0800 on business and for customers calling in also. The fact that they are free to call make them the best for companies that receive a lot of calls or wants to encourage calls.