How much does it cost to call an 08 number on Lycamobile?

Figuring out the call charges for calling different numbers using your mobile phone can sometimes be tricky. Lycamobile publishes their charges in a more transparent way than many operators though.

Calling an 08 number on Lycamobile may cost money, depending on the rest of the number. 0800 and 0808 numbers are free to call, even on a Pay as You Go service. 084 and 087 will cost 23 pence per minute, and there may be an additional service fee on top of that, although the company you are calling would usually disclose if there was such a fee to be added on top of the per minute cost.

All Phone numbers starting with 08 have been free of charge in the UK since 2015. This was effected after the launch of UK Calling Initiative which investigated unfairness and exploitation of consumers. Before 2015, calling the 0800 numbers was only free for landlines. Currently, one can make calls from his or her mobile phone without being charged. Your mobile plan inclusive minutes is not affected whatsoever. Ofcom regulations brought fairness to the UK telecommunication industry. We are a proud company that provides all users with non-geographic numbers, such as 0800 for free calls.

Currently, the 0800 numbers are used by business organisations, government services such as job opportunities, and charities. Entities considering buying the 0800 numbers should decide whether they want basic or exclusive 0800 numbers. Basic numbers allow you to forward calls to your landline or mobile phone. Exclusive numbers allow you a pay-as-you-go package that has priced minutes for incoming calls. Calling 08 numbers from LycaMobile is completely free in the UK.

Cost of calling 08 numbers on Lycamobile

According to information on the Lycamobile website, here’s are the call charges that those who use the network can expect to incur. Please note, these may be liable to change, but were believed to be correct at the time of publication.

Number range Cost /min Service fee
01 £0.12 Free
02 £0.12 Free
0300 £0.12 Free
0330 £0.12 Free
0333 £0.12 Free
0345 £0.12 Free
0370 £0.12 Free
0843 £0.23 May vary
0844 £0.23 May vary
0845 £0.23 May vary
0870 £0.23 May vary
0871 £0.23 May vary
0872 £0.23 May vary
09 £0.23 May vary
118 £0.23 May vary
0800 Free Free
0808 Free Free
116 Free Free
Lycamobile members Free Free
Other UK networks £0.19 N/A
SMS to Lycamobile members Free N/A
SMS to other networks £0.19 N/A
Data 12p/MB N/A
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