What are the differences between 0800 numbers and 0300 numbers?

Over the last few years there have been many changes to the way NGN’s in the UK work. There has been a recent addition to the popular 08 numbers with numbers that start in 03. Another recent legislation has meant that calling an 0800 number from your mobile phone will no longer incur a charge like it did before. 0800 numbers have always been free and 0300 numbers have always been local rate but some mobile providers have in the past levied a charge of their own on calling these. Now that these charges are close to becoming banned, most mobile providers have stopped using them so the use of 0800 and 0300 numbers has become a lot more straightforward across the board.

What is an 0800 number?

0800 numbers are a non-geographical number that customers can use to call up a company for free. Not only does this solve the problem of customers not wanting to call because they will be charged but also the problem of having loads of different numbers for different area’s and departments of your business. An 0800 number is a very god marketing campaign for any companies that wish to get new customers to call up to register for something or purchase a product. Nearly all mobile phone providers have now also changed their policies so that 0800 numbers are also free from your mobile phone and also free from any country in the EU.

What are the benefits of an 0800 number?

An 0800 number being free for customers is a massive benefit for them. Imagine if you had two similar companies and one was freephone and the other wasn’t – the customer will inevitably call the freephone one. 0800 numbers are also incredibly easy to buy and set up when you purchase from Number Supermarket. In this day and age and you can even have an 0800 number divert straight through to a mobile. you do not need to be a large scale business to utilise one.

What is an 0300 number?

An 0300 number is an NGN number that charges the customer the same as a local rate. So rather than calling a costly 0345 or 0845 number you can set up an 0300 number for your customers so that there is a central umber that they can use that will only cost the same as calling another local rate number. Mobile telephone providers in the past have charged an extra charge for calling these, but many now do not and you can also access an 0300 number from your mobile at the standard local rate. 0300 numbers are exclusively used for public sectors, government organisations and charities – you can get yours now from Number Supermarket.

What are the benefits of an 0300 number?

There are many benefits to offering people the opportunity to contact you on an 0300 number. Because it works exactly the same as a local rate number your customers will only be charged as if they were calling a friend or family member that lives in the same area as them. A centralised number is one of the best decisions a business can make. There is nothing worse than having to read through lots of marketing material to find the correct number for the department you need. Calling one number and being redirected is the easiest option for your customers and it will make them more willing to contact your business by phone.