How much does it cost to call an 0370 number?

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Many people therefore consider 0370 numbers to be free as they will usually not have to pay anything to make the call. However, it is really important to note that 0370 numbers are not free in the same 0800 and 0808 numbers are. However, they are charged at a local rate – which is why you may wish to buy 0370 numbers for your business.

In addition to 0370, there are other non-geographical phone numbers that start with ’03’. All ’03’ numbers are identical to each other in terms of call charges. You are able to phone any number starting with ’03’ therefore and incur exactly the same charges as you would when using an 0370 number.

There is a rise in the use of 0370 numbers across the country. These are a non-geographical landline phone number. They are special because it is not possible to know where the landline number is from just looking at the number alone.

Cost of calling an 0370 number from mobile

One of the advantages of 0370 numbers are the cost to the person that is calling them. It is exactly the same cost as you would incur if you were phoning an ’01’ or ’02’ telephone number.

This means that landline telephone call packages that have free evening and weekend calls for example, would mean that 0370 numbers would be free during these inclusive call times. However, if 0370 was dialled outside outside of these times then you would be charged for the call, just as if you were phoning an ’01’ or ’02’ phone number. In a similar way, many mobile phone packages come with a monthly quota of inclusive minutes. Providing you have enough minutes left, calling an 0370 number would not incur any additional charge. However, if you had run out of minutes then you would be charged as if you were phoning an ’01’ or ’02’ number.

Provider Inside contracted landline minutes allowance Outside contracted landline minutes allowance
ASDA Mobile Free 8p/m
Delight Mobile Free 3p/m
EE Free 30p/m
GiffGaff Free 10p/m
Lebara Mobile Free 19p/m
LycaMobile Free 15p/m
O2 Free 35p/m
Tesco Mobile Free 25p/m
Three Mobile Free 3p/m
Virgin Mobile Free 26p/m
Vodafone Free 30p/m

Calling 0370 numbers from landline

Typically, 0370 numbers are being used by large organisations such as businesses and charities. Some public sector services are also using them such as hospitals and some government departments. 0370 telephone numbers are not used by private houses.

We are seeing increased usage of ’03’ numbers in the United Kingdom as companies realise the benefits they bring to their business and to their customer. ’03’ numbers have actually been in existence since 2007 when the regulator recommend that businesses should stop using more expensive ‘084’ numbers. However, consumers have not been made fully aware of the benefits of using an ’03’ number and sometimes view such numbers with suspicion.

Provider Approximate peak cost
BT 12p/m + 21p set up charge
TalkTalk 13.5p/m
Sky 9.5p/m
Virgin Media 12p/m

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