How can I get an 0800 number?

If you’re looking for a 0800 number for your business, this couldn’t be easier. With a 0800 number, it is more likely that your customers will pick up the phone and call. By being free to call from a landline or mobile phone, 0800 numbers are a popular choice for many businesses.

Having a 0800 Freephone number shows not just a professional image it also shows that your company values its customers. It shows clients that you are a business that operates across the whole country and not one that is tied to a particular location. The use of such numbers can help improve customer service, as well as help your business grow the number of customers it has. If you’re looking for a 0800 number, you’re probably wondering how you can get one.

Getting a 0800 number?

When it comes to getting your own 0800 number, the process is simple:

1. Choose your 0800 number.

2. Deciding which number you want to point it to.

3. Deciding on which services you want to have with your 0800 number.

The first step in buying your 0800 number, is to pick one from a range of numbers available. Ideally, you want a number that not only fits your business but is easy to recognise and remember. This is important if you’re going to use it in a marketing campaign or as the number customers can call for help and support. It’s worth noting that the easy to remember numbers that are available may only be on offer if you take out a particular package. Such a packages may be one that gives you a set of services but at a higher cost.

Having chosen your 0800 number the next step is to decide what number you want to point it too. With a 0800 number, you don’t need to install a new landline for it. What happens is that the Freephone number sits on top of one of your existing phone numbers or mobile numbers. Anyone who calls the 0800 number gets routed through to the number you have chosen. The number you chose can be a geographical number anywhere in the country.

Finally, the last step when getting a 0800 number is to decide on the package that goes with it. Each package is usually a set of services that come with your 0800 number. While each package offers extra optional features for a price, they all come with a common set of features. Usually, the packages are set at different levels. Each one builds up on the previous level by adding other optional features on to each.

What do I get?

When you buy a 0800 number what you get for your business is not just the number. You are also getting with it a standard set of features as well optional features based the type of package you’ve chosen.

Most providers of 0800 numbers offer a standard set of features that are common to all of their packages. Often this includes a set of inclusive minutes to landline and mobile phones. Once these are used up, the business then has to pay a low call rate. Another standard feature that is common to each package is that each business receives its own customer care service.

Each 0800 number can also include a set of optional telephone features that are ready for you to use. These could be anything from disaster recovery through to real-time number management. What features are available to you will depend on the type of package you’ve chosen. The more features that are in the package, the higher the cost of your 0800 number.

And finally, when you have your new 0800 number, you can use and advertise it however you wish. Although it is yours to use, registration is in the name of the provider.