Why should I buy a memorable telephone number for my business?

We live in an era where marketing has become a quintessential part of any enterprise. From the color of the packaging to the shape of the product, several minor details such as these have become a crucial factor in determining whether or not a sale will be completed. However, there is a very important marketing tool that is too often neglected nowadays: the telephone number. Down below, we will take a look at the importance of having a memorable one.

What is a memorable telephone number?

The underlying principle is that the number must comprise a combination of digits that makes it easy to recall. For instance, the easiest way to do this is to use consecutive numbers. The reason why this is such an effective technique is that there is no need to even remember them, as long as you know the first digit. It is worth noting that there is a variety of methods to do this, such as repeating a single number or even mirroring numbers, to name but a few.

People will remember a memorable telephone number

Although it might seem ridiculously evident, the most important reason for having a memorable telephone number is that people will actually remember it. This factor single-handedly increases the chances of receiving a phone call. For example, an enterprise providing towing services relies mainly on calls to land customers. This is so because people who require their help usually cannot go to ask them in person. Therefore, having a phone number that is easy to remember really comes in handy in this type of situation.

Potential customers will subsequently choose it

A memorable phone number is particularly useful in a highly competitive market. The main reason is that people want things that make their lives easier. This is all because of technology; they can get and do almost anything with their smartphones without much effort. They will, more often than not, choose the easiest way, even if this means having to pay more. Thus, having a memorable phone number is a real advantage over the competition as people will rather call a number they already have in mind than take some time to look for other options, no matter how favorable these might be.

Numbers have become part of brands

Phone numbers have become such a powerful tool that, if well chosen, they can even become an integral part of a brand. They are actually so important that, in some cases, they have become more significant than the brands to which they belong. One of the simplest ways to illustrate that is with a particular phone number: 999. Some people might not even know how that service is called exactly. What they do know, however, is that they have to call this number whenever something goes wrong. The same principle applies to businesses as people associate phone numbers to a brand or service.

Buy a memorable telephone number is efficient advertising

Companies that have phone numbers which are easy to remember usually also have advertising campaigns that are heavily centred on the number. They do this so that they are able to determine how many sales an ad has generated. This is relatively easy to do, as the increase in calls received after the advertisement has been made public can be attributed to the ad. Therefore, SMEs using this technique are able to determine how efficient their campaign has been and are better equipped to decide whether they should carry on with it or not.

Given the aforementioned reasons, it is an understatement to say that buying a memorable 0808 phone number has become a must for SMEs. It does not matter in which industry they are operating, having one will definitely do more good than not having one.