Calling 0333 numbers from abroad – how much does it cost?

There has been a dramatic rise in the number of businesses and other large organisations using 0333 numbers in the UK over the last few years. 0333 numbers were first started as a result of the UK telecommunications regulator requesting that businesses look at an alternative to using 084 numbers. Using 0333 numbers certainly do have several advantages for consumers. However, it is not very easy to call 03 numbers that are based in the UK when you are abroad.

0333 numbers are non-geographic numbers, meaning that it is not possible to identify the part of the UK that the landline attached to the phone number is based. It is usually large organisations such as banks, hospitals and government departments. Charities sometimes use 0333 numbers for their helplines t0o.

When you are abroad it can be difficult to call 03 numbers. Depending on where you are in the world your local phone provider may or may not allow your phone to connect to the number. Also, if the local provider does let the call happen it may not be clear what charges you will incur for making the call. If you do need to try and call the 0333 number from outside of the UK then you can try by calling 00 44 333 and the remainder of the telephone number. You can purchase 0333 numbers here, and use it for personal or business use.

Why use an 0333 number?

The best solution if you do need to call an organisation that uses an 03 number is to find the geographic landline alternative. To do this perform a quick internet search. This should help you find the number that you are looking for. Also, it may be worth seeing if you can find the alternative number in other places. For example, if you are trying to call your bank for example you may be able to find the alternative geographic number on the back of your debit card.

Many people consider 0333 numbers to be free of charge when using them in the UK. This is because in many circumstances you will not incur any further charges. This is because the 03 number can often be included in your monthly quota of minutes from your mobile phone provider if you have one. The number would also be free of charge if you are calling from a UK landline that has inclusive calls at certain times of the day. For example many phone packages will include free evening and weekend calls. If you made the call during these times then you would not incur any charges. However, you would be charge at a usual national landline rate as if you are calling ’01’ or ’02’ numbers.

All numbers that begin with ’03’ are charged at the same rate. If you are in the UK this is at the usual national rate. In other words the charge would be exactly the same as dialling a ’01’ or ’02’ number.