Calling 0330 numbers from abroad

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With such a wide array of phone numbers in use it can be difficult to decipher which ones are used for which purpose and, crucially, how much they all cost, particularly when phoning from abroad. 0330 numbers are part of a larger group known as the ’03’ numbers, namely those that start with 03. These are non geographical telephone numbers typically used by businesses who want a flexible landline number which can be used anywhere in the country without needing to be location specific, something which can be appealing to many businesses.

All numbers which fall under the umbrella of ’03’ are charged at the same rate as normal geographic landline numbers – those that start with 01 or 02. So, to call a business with a telephone number starting 03 will cost the same as calling your sister on her 01 telephone number for example. More and more businesses are making the switch to using this type of number so you will see it in use increasingly often, and they provide a welcome alternative to higher priced telephone numbers that these companies may have used previously.

How much does it cost to call an 0330 number from abroad?

All phone contracts or packages which include a set number of minutes to domestic rate phone numbers will include calls to these numbers, so you won’t need to worry about building up a huge phone bill. If you do not have such a package then you can typically expect to pay anything up to 9p from a landline or up to 55p from a mobile within the same country.

Calling from abroad will incur some extra charges on occasion, but this will depend entirely on your provider’s rates and will vary from company to company. If you regularly call home from abroad you will have some idea of how much a standard rate phone call will cost you, if not checking with your provider using the FAQ or terms and conditions sections of the website should provide you with the answer you need. If you do intend to call the UK a lot from abroad it’s worth investing in a decent roaming package for your mobile phone or an international calling card which you can purchase while you are away. These options will provide you with the cheapest methods of calling home to the UK. The most important thing you can do is to make sure you know your tariffs before you leave, as some companies can hike the prices for international calls meaning you will end up paying far more than you ever expected. If you or your business would like to get an 0330 number, we at NumberSupermarket have a wide range – purchase now.

Calling 03 numbers from outside the UK

As long as your call provider can offer you good international rates, 03 numbers are generally the best option for calling a business with a non geographical number. If you need to phone a company, do try to look out for these numbers over other premium rate numbers the company may utilise, as they will always offer the best value for money whether you’re calling from.