0870 area code – all you need to know

0870 are phone numbers, which are normally charged at higher rates due to the inclusion of a service fee or surcharge, which is used to cater for the service being provided.

Some of the most common uses for 0870 numbers include,

  • Conference Call services
  • Support lines and chargeable information
  • Tarol, horoscopes and fortune telling
  • Adult entertainment, chatting and dating
  • Travel booking services and event ticketing

However, some of the most reputable companies have stopped using them, many other businesses still buy 0870 numbers for various reasons. If you are planning to call a company that is a 0870 number, then you should begin by first checking the details available on the company’s website. The 0870 may be out of service and may cost much more to call than calling on real numbers.

0870 area code – All You Need to Know

A two part charging arrangement is normally applied when calling 0870 numbers. The first part of the phone call cost is the users own phone company’s access charge, which applies to all numbers starting with 087, 084, 118 and 09. The second part of the phone call cost is a variable service charge that will benefit the organization that the user will be calling. The company is expected to advise you on the rate that applies before you call them. Normally, the total cost to 0870 numbers normally ranges from 8p to around 68p per minute, plus an additional 13 pence per call charge or less. In many circumstances, the 0870 numbers are going to cost the user much more than a normal landline and are not going to be included in any bundled minutes or free call allowances that the user’s tariff may offer.

Regulation and Advice

Phone Paid Services Authority regulates the 0870 numbers, which have a service fee charge that is more than 7p per call or per minute. Furthermore, the authority also regulates 0870 numbers that are used for adult services, internet diallers, and chat lines. The authority can provide guidelines for any related problem.