0333 area code – all you need to know

The 0333 numbers are non-geographic and the equivalent of the typical 01 and 02 numbers in that they are charged at a local rate. The numbers are low cost and very excellent alternatives to the 084 and 087 numbers. The 0333 numbers are charged at a relatively equivalent to the standard rates of calls. They can be a part of the inclusive minutes offered as a package by landlines also from a mobile too.

Is 0333 an area code?

No – the 0333 range is classed as a non-geographic number. However, many UK businesses have bought 0333 numbers for a range of different reason. These include:

  • The number is for everyone, especially for businesses.
  • There is no problem with calling 0333 numbers from the abroad. It is very effective.
  • It is a non-geographic number for UK and wide.
  • Ther are a lot of numbers to choose from. This gives the user a variety to choose from.
  • The 0333 numbers have very few restrictions which are an added advantage.

The 0333 number is desirable to business owners especially. They present a feel of professionalism for the business. This is very liked by customers because there will be no extra charges for the callers. The 0333 number is cheap and affordable. Customers can call for both landlines and mobile phones. The lines are free and counted as inclusive extensions of the 01 and the 02. This is a good option for a business that people will be calling often and regularly. If you want people to be calling you, then this number is advisable.

It is possible to divert the calls made to the 0333 number to any UK landline number. It is however under the condition that they start with 01 and 02. It is a budget friendly way to begin. The number 0333 is very flexible and can be combined with some advanced settings.It is very efficient and helpful for a business that has calls coming in all the time or just a new business.