0330 area code – all you need to know

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The 0330 area code, introduced in the UK in 2007, is classed as a non-geographic dialling code. This simply means that it is not associated with a particular region of the UK, in contrast to standard area codes like 0121 (Birmingham) or 0161 (Manchester), for example.

Non-geographic codes like 0330 are commonly used by businesses and other organisations to provide a nationwide contact number instead of simply a local one. This is of particular interest to organisations that operate nationally rather than in one particular region. Having an 0330 number, rather than one marked by a local dialling code, can enhance the profile of a business seeking to project a national image rather than be tied to a single location.

Is 0330 an area code?

0330 numbers, like all numbers beginning with 03, are classed as ‘local call equivalent’. This means that they are charged to the caller at the same, standard rate as local 01 and 02 numbers. This tariff is valid regardless of where the call originated in the UK. This is a particularly benefit of these types of number to customers, costing no more than an ordinary phone call, in contrast to more expensive premium-rate numbers. This makes the 0330 and related dialling codes an attractive option for customer service or information lines.

Additionally, 0330 numbers will usually be included within a caller’s free call or ‘talk time’ allowances on various landline and mobile tariffs, costing them nothing if they usually get standard rate calls included in these packages.

0330 numbers can be used for both voice calls and data (fax), and providers will usually offer a choice of numbers, so that organisations can choose an appropriate or memorable one.