What is an 0808 number?

If you are already not aware then this is possibly the best information you are going to read, especially if you are someone who is part of a sales campaign or into marketing. The good news is 0808 numbers are now absolutely free to call from any mobile or landline number and the main aim behind such numbers is to encourage customers to get in touch when the need arises. If you are running a business in the UK, your safest bet would be to switch from a geographic number and move on to a free phone number. This is a good move as it will most likely increase the sales which thereby directly affect the business prospects. Ofcom has been placing pressure on different mobile networks to ensure that such non geographic range of numbers from mobile phones will eventually become free thereby building healthy customer relationships and giving citizens an upper hand.

Any business in the UK aimed at offering products and services will require having a business phone number. A very important aspect to consider for any business is to ensure they are able to cut corners and reduce expenses. This is easily possible for a business establishment by ensuring they use non geographic numbers that can be used to make cheap calls in the UK. The biggest difference between a landline and non geographic number is that the latter is not defined by a specific local prefix. If you have a business and are looking to find a way to appeal to the public by maximising the volume of incoming calls then choosing an appropriate non geographic number such as an 0808 number is the way to go.

Calling 0808 numbers

Having a number such as an 0808 one will let you easily establish a presence all over the country; additionally you can also select a number that is easy for customers to remember. This method of choosing a non geographic number lets your customers know that you care by not just making it easier for them to call but by making their charges the same as local calls.

By establishing a non geographic number that is linked to your business – you can buy 0808 numbers from our site – it will be easy to save a lot of money on international, national and local outgoing calls whist also giving your customers an opportunity to save on the money by not charging them more than local tariffs while they contact you. Irrespective of where your clients call you from, whether Ireland, Scotland, Wales or England, the rates will always be steady and the business will not just be limited to one particular area. You will have a great benefit by receiving phone calls from all over the county at a consistent price.