What is a freephone number?

Free phone numbers are also commonly known as freephone numbers. These are numbers that are charged on incoming calls rather than bill the origin of the call. Freephone numbers are phone numbers that allow contacts to be made in the UK free of charge. Freephone numbers are handy for business owners who would like to access overseas market; the numbers will allow people from the UK to make free calls to you.

Free numbers in the UK begin with prefixes such as 0808, 0800 and 0500. There are three broad types of Free Phone Number, International free phone numbers, Domestic free numbers and international universal free phone numbers.

Domestic Free Phone Numbers.

Domestic free phone numbers are 0800 numbers which can be contacted form any part of the country. These numbers are free of ITFS restrictions that affect other numbers and are free within the country of origin. For example, it is possible to make a call to ITFS number from mobile phones, but you incur extra call charges. Domestic free phone numbers do not have such restrictions. A person calling a national free phone number must be within the UK otherwise the call will be charged. If you are interested in purchasing a freephone number, we have many available on our site. Domestic freephone phone numbers can be called from computers, mobile phones, and landlines. However it might be free to make calls to domestic numbers, some mobile phone service providers will charge some cents per minute for mobile phone users.

International Free Phone Numbers.

International free phone number are specific to countries; every country has specific free phone numbers that only work in those particular countries. For instance, free phone numbers in the UK are free if the caller is within the UK. Just like the case with domestic free phone numbers, international free phone numbers can be called from a mobile phone, computer or landline. Mobile phone service providers charge extra cost for calls made outside the UK to other countries. The monthly fees for free toll numbers differ from country to country since the numbers are unique.

Universal International Free Phone Numbers.

UIFN (Universal international free phone numbers) are analogous with international free phone numbers. However, international universal free numbers can be used in more than one country as long as they are registered. Global international free numbers are currently available in about 40 countries in the world. These numbers are required to be recorded in at least two countries to be valid for use universally. Though there is a difference in the prefixes of these numbers from one country to another, their format and number of digits are the same. The numbers have eleven fixed digits in one format.


Channel Islands, Wales, Northern Ireland, Scotland, Isle man, Guernsey, and England, can call free phone numbers in the UK. United Kingdom free phone numbers may not be accessed by all pay phones however 0800 numbers could reach the UK at times. Free phone numbers will help boost your business by tracking our customer relations and should you travel your family can easily contact you directly.