How much does it cost to call an 0844 number on iD Mobile?

iD mobile are a network that are built for you, they’re a mobile network provider with a difference. Providing consumers with both flexibility and control, it makes them one of the first mobile networks to make such a big difference, and that is also evident in their call charges.

As a new mobile network provider on the UK network scene, iD mobile is growing with popularity due to its competitive prices.

Many business in the UK still purchase 0844 numbers for a variety of different reasons. When contacting a 0844 number through iD mobile, it is split into two separate charges; an access and service charge, with all 0844 numbers being classed as non-geographical numbers. It was from the 1st of July that all 0844 numbers were split into two parts, with each being charged at a different rate.

Calling 0844 numbers on iD Mobile

The access charge is a set rate that is charged by your network provider, and at iD mobile, the access charge is priced at 45 pence per minute. This is the minimum charge set by iD mobile, but there is also an additional charge that is set by the organisation being contacted.

When contacting your chosen organisation, the service charge will be mentioned at the start of the call and will vary depending on the type of organisation called.

The total charge of calling a 0844 number on iD Mobile will vary, but with a minimum charge of 45pence for the access charge and a set charge from the organisation for the service charge, the total amount will be evident on your regular bill.

These charges are applicable to both sim-only and monthly contract deals, as 0844 numbers are an extra charge on top of standard call packages.