How much does it cost to call an 0843 number on iD Mobile?

0843 telephone numbers are non-geographic numbers. This means they are not linked to a specific location, unlike a traditional landline number. You can buy your own 0843 number here.

They are known as “service numbers” and have a different pricing structure to most other telephone numbers. The cost of the call is split into two parts, an access charge, and a service charge. The access charge is the phone company’s standard charge for calling an 0843 number, the service charge is applied by the organisation you are calling.

This service charge generates an income for the company and can vary depending on who you are phoning. It is important to note that you must be advised of the cost before you call.

Calling 0843 numbers on iD Mobile

In the majority of cases, calls to 0843 numbers are more expensive than calls to landline numbers and are not part of any bundled plans or free call allowance.

Many companies are phasing out the use of these numbers, so before calling any 0843 number check that you have the up to date information. They might have updated to a cheaper, or free, telephone number.

iD Mobile is owned by Carphone Warehouse. It is a virtual network operator, which means it does not own a wireless network. Instead, it uses a network owned by another operator; in iD Mobile’s case, that operator is Three.

iD Mobile offers pay-as-you-go and monthly payment plans. The cost of calling 0843 numbers, on either plan, is 45p per minute, plus the service charge. This rate also applies to all non-geographical special rate numbers.

Buy your 0843 number

Interested in buying your own 0843 number? Choose from the packages below, or speak to a member of our team by calling 0330 332 0400 now.


£9.99 a month

inclusive landline minutes


inclusive mobile minutes

Out of bundle costs:
Landline – 3ppm
Mobile – 6ppm


£14.99 a month

inclusive landline minutes


inclusive mobile minutes

Out of bundle costs:
Landline – 3ppm
Mobile – 6pmm