How much does it cost to call an 0843 number on GiffGaff?

0843 numbers typically belong to organisations, technical support lines, and booking lines – if you’d like to acquire an 0843 number for your SME, we have a wide range available. They are charged at a business rate, which means they are not included in purchased minutes on GiffGaff. The cost of a call to a 0843 number on GiffGaff is split into two parts: the access charge and the service charge. The access charge is determined by GiffGaff, and is 25p per minute. The service charge is determined by the organisation you are calling, as is usually no more than 7p per minute.

A minimum of one minute charge is applied, even if your call lasts for less than that time. For example, if you call an organisation that charges 4p per minute, and speak to them for six minutes, you would pay £1.74 on GiffGaff: £1.50 for the 25p per minute access charge, and £0.24 for the 4p per minute service charge. GiffGaff’s access charge is significantly lower than many rival companies, which makes them a good choice for calls to 0843 numbers.