How much does it cost to call an 0345 number on GiffGaff?

Many companies, including retailers and government departments, now use 0345 numbers instead of the more costly 08 numbers.

When calling an 0345 number you cannot, by law, be charged any more than if you make a call to a UK business or home landline (numbers beginning 01 or 02). However, 0345 numbers are not freephone numbers, if you have used your allowance of free minutes you will be charged per minute for your call. It is worth noting that all telephone numbers starting with 03 are charged in this way.

GiffGaff pricing plans are called ‘goody bags’ and are available at a variety of prices, starting at £5 per month. If you have a plan which includes free minutes to UK landlines 0345 numbers will be included.

If you have used all your free minutes it will cost 15p per minute to a make a call to an 0345 number on Giffgaff.