How much does it cost to call an 0333 number on Sky Talk?

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Sky Talk offers customers a wide range of affordable line rental deals, and whether your phoning from home or aboard, Sky Talk have a number of competitive prices that can suit your needs.
When contacting a 0330 number on Sky Talk, it is regarded under the same price bracket as contacting a house or business landline number; this is regarded across all telephone providers in the UK. However, 0330 numbers are not like traditional phone numbers, they aren’t linked with specific geographic locations like a traditional landline, even though they are charged at the same rate. A 0330 number is used by businesses and similar organisations within the UK. Buy your own 0333 number by clicking here.

Calling 0333 numbers on Sky Talk

When contacting a 0330 number on Sky Talk, they are not priced as an extra charge, when calling within your price plan. Sky Talk offer inclusive calls to all UK landlines, including 01 and 02 and numbers starting with 0330, but this is only limited to your available call plan arranged by Sky Talk.
When contacting 0330 outside of your agreed call plan, calls are charged at 11.5 pence per minute. Sky Talk phone tariffs are available during certain periods of the day and/or week. The calls packages are normally classed as bundles that include the basic coverings of landline and 0330 numbers.