How much does it cost to call an 0300 number on Sky Talk?

The charges for calling any telephone number in the UK depends on several factors. These are:
1. The starting digits of the number.
2. The origin of the call, as in whether the call is made from a landline phone or a mobile phone.
3. The provider of the calling number.

0300 numbers, or UK telephone numbers starting with prefix 0300, are reserved for government or public bodies, non-profits, and charities. These are non-geographic numbers, chargeable at standard UK call rates, which is up to 10p per minute from landlines, and 3p to 40p from mobile phones.

When calling from SkyTalk, 0300 numbers are not charged during the times, when subscribers get unlimited inclusive calls. This is at the following times:
* SkyTalk Weekend, or Saturday and Sunday.
* After 7 pm on all days.
* When Sky Talk Anytime tariffs are applicable. Sky Talk Anytime plans are available round the clock, subject to a cap of 60 minutes.

Standard UK calls apply for calls to 0300 numbers outside these times.